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Modification Actions


Filing a Custody Modification

Prior to filing a modification of child custody with Binning & Plambeck, it's important to determine if you have a valid case to modify your custody agreement.
  • Find out which parent your child prefers
  • Gather witnesses in addition to both parents' statements
  • Calculate the amount of time each parent spends with your child
  • Discover your child's school attendance as well as grades
Depending on your modification request, other factors may play an important role in the custody modification process. Talk to an attorney at Binning & Plambeck today to find out if you are eligible for a legal child custody modification.

Changes in Child Support

Although it is very difficult to win a child custody modification case, the chances of paying less or more child support is not unusual.

Child support typically fluctuates based on changes in your income as well as the other parent's income. If you feel as though you need to make a modification to your child custody agreement, get in touch with Binning & Plambeck today to schedule a consultation.
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