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Visitation & Parental Rights


Types of Child Custody in Nebraska

As previously mentioned, there are 4 separate types of custody in the state of Nebraska.
  • Sole - The child lives with 1 parent and the other parent has visitation rights
  • Physical - The amount of time a child has with each parent
  • Joint - The court will allow both parents to make important decisions in their child's life
  • Legal - The right of a parent to participate in the child's life
At Binning & Plambeck, we are determined to assist you with visitation and parental rights with the best interest of your child in mind. 

If needed, our aggressive legal team can assist with a modification of your current custody agreement. If you believe that you have legal grounds to modify the custody arrangements, Binning & Plambeck is here for you.

Participating in Parenting Plans

Through mediation, a parenting plan will be established to determine custody based on what the courts find is in the best interest of the child.

Contact us today and ensure that your child is receiving the quality of care that he or she deserves.
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